Island Cres the biggest island on the Adriatic


Cres is the largest Croatian island situated in the outer row of Kvarner islands and today counts about 3000 inhabitants. The administrative and tourist centre of the island is the town of Cres, but many other settlements are located right by the shore or on higher areas. Settlements along the sea offer experiences of beaches and clean sea, while those at a higher altitude are full of beautiful natural landscapes, promenades and hiking paths. Places along the town of Cres as tourist resorts with a rich offer are Beli, Lubenice, Martinscica and Valun.

The island of Cres has a rich history. It was inhabited during the Stone age, which can be seen from the remains found in the cave of the pit on the southern part of the island. The first known inhabitants of the island are the Liburnians who have been it since the 7 th century BC. K. They settled, and later the Greeks came to the island. Even in Greek mythology, Cres will find a place in one of the stories with Jason and the Argonauts, and later arrival of the Romans will only strengthen the island as a maritime and commercial centre. During the Middle Ages and later years, the authority over Cres will change between Venetians and Austrians. Of the sights you can visit many medieval churches spread throughout the island. Old town nuclei and walls are also an integral part of the settlements Cres and Beli, which can be seen. The palaces of old Cres Patricians are exceptional buildings connected mainly to the town of Cres, and one of them houses the famous Cres museum. The 11 th century epigraphic monument of the Valun tablet is evidence of a centuries-old Glagolitic tradition on the Kvarner islands.

The tourist offer of the island of Cres is very rich. Cres beaches are characterized by a preserved environment and an incredibly clean sea, always the first association on the island. The beaches are located in the town of Cres, part of the autocamp Kovačina, Punta Kriza and many other Cres towns. In a large number of beaches and bays, the beach Mali Bok in Orlec, the beach Valun in the village of Valun and the beach Sveti Ivan in watermelons ranked 15 th on the list of the 40 most beautiful beaches in the world.

If we touch gastronomy, real small “gastro routes” can be made on Cres, because in many places restaurants and taverns offer excellent local delicacies. The cafe's offer is also not behind schedule and coffee, a refreshing drink or a sweet taste can almost be consumed in the centre of every settlement. Events that have been attracting tourists for years on the island of Cres include days of Frane Petric, Lubenice Music Evenings, Cres Cultural evenings, Cres Music Festival, Vienna tanac, Summer Carnival and various gastronomic events. Due to its relief features, Cres offers various sports activities in the water and there are even grounds for some sports such as tennis, and on the other hand there is a choice of many walking and cycling paths located in nature itself.

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Accommodation on Cres

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Bungalows Cres

60 eur Night
Vacation in bungalows in the village of Gavza on the beach
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Apartments Cres

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Crepsa Cres offers a wide range of apartments and rooms in private accommodation

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